My goal in photographing a subject is to capture both the nature of the subject and my personal point of view. I am not solely trying to document the scene, but rather I am trying to permanently record a particular aspect or quality of the subject that I find interesting.

Photography is to share a perspective. Some people are so busy in their own lives that they don't take the time to see things for what they are. Sometimes people only give certain things a passing glance or they view the subject through their peripheral vision. I can give these people a new perspective. I use photography to explain or highlight something they feel is important.

My photographic aim is to share feelings that can't be or are difficult to express. Art is about human emotion and the things you see that cause a rise in you.


Photography is a form of communication created by the conscious choices of the artist. Photography is art because a photographer makes creative decisions about how, what, where and when to shoot. In other words a detailed concept makes a photograph art. This means there is theories and ideas behind the image and how it contributes to human growth, how it may be understood in terms of styles and techniques, and how it rests on thoughtful and visual assumptions.

If there is no conscious choice then this is not art. A photo makes one think differently. The goals of my photographs are to be provocative and to evoke emotions from the viewer. My philosophy is simple – a picture should tell a story. Great photographs can build, transfer, and initiate both thoughts and emotions from the viewer.